The Mission of the Great Lakes Spirituality Project

The Great Lakes Spirituality Project works to further develop a spirituality of the Lakes that values and protects the Great Lakes Basin and the life that depends on these waters. 

The Goals of the Great Lakes Spirituality Project

  • share stories, conversations and reflection around a spirituality of the Great Lakes Basin,

  • add another spiritual voice to the work of protecting the Lakes, and

  • serve as a connecting point for spiritual and religious communities and individuals caring for the Lakes and the waters that feed them.

Dan Robinson

A writer, musician, radio host, and lover of the Great Lakes, Dan has lived and traveled all over the Great Lakes Basin, and presently makes his home near the Wolf River in Wisconsin. He earned his Masters in Theological Studies and served for thirty years in a variety of ministries in the Christian tradition, including campus, music, youth, education, family, and justice ministries working in partnership with rural, suburban, African-American, and indigenous communities. You can find out more about his current work at his website,

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